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At DSG, COVID-19 means more careful and relevant design to the realities created. We foresee a permanent change of living preferences. The outdoor living tends to become more private then public. Standalone houses would require developing their back garden, add playground, more flowering arrangement, pool, a gazebo, and similar relaxation components. Past two years have provided more time for families to be together, and to the contrary it has been very difficult for single persons living alone. Single people have considered into sharing larger apartments, which has been the trend.

The introduction of exercising equipment into homes has been more prevalent. A simple survey of the sports equipment supplier reveals sharper increase of market growth.

Our webpage introduction touches upon the subject of Indoor Air Quality, which has become more demanding prescription or businesses. IAQ is more demanding for dwellings. With an awareness of IAQ, the property developers should consider the increased demand for high quality of finishes, comfort, and amenities. Compromised premises is a recipe for early vacancy or lower rental, leading to expensive refurbishment. Degree of sustainability is the root parameter of all achievements, and Guaranteed Success. Whether you agree or not, at DSG we consider success not a personal achievement, rather a minimum communal objective of lifestyle and standard of living. All the disciplines of the construction business are contributing to the cause of sustainability, not because it is imposed by code and regulations, it is the success of the project.

Next time, prior to engaging your architect and consultant, ask him: “How long will my project LIVE!”. “It depends” is not an answer. We are far from addressing a meteorite strike, or the next pandemic, or arson, but why not if that is what the client wants. An example of the client’s interest would be, will the foundation waterproofing system last ten years? Twenty! Thirty! Does it mean that if it is holding for twenty years it will hold forever? Am I worrying too much NOW? Isn’t there a construction system that independent of the manufacturer’s and contractor’s warranty, the designer would confidently demand with responsibility? Can we design with commitment? How dependable is the manufacturer’s warranty?

This post aims at compilation of the experiences with photos and videos without mentioning or revealing the identity of the project. Thank you.